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Ultra Glow Fade Cream Tube 2oz
Ultra Glow Fade Cream Tube 2oz
Ultra Glow Fade Cream Tube 2oz
Item#: ULT028
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Product Description
Ultra Glow Fade Cream is an advanced formula that helps to fade discoloration and dark spots on the skin. This aloe-rich formula is combined with a variety of moisturizers to replenish the skin and Hydroquinone, an essential aid in diminishing skin discoloration that helps to even tone and leaves the skin looking healthy, bright and beautiful.
  • Fades skin discolorations by lightening dark spots such as freckles, age spots and blemishes.
  • Contains 2% Hydroquinone to aid against skin discoloration.
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera to help replenish moisture to the skin and even tone.
  • Contains a sunscreen for added protection against UV rays.
  • Specially formulated for individuals with normal or combination skin.