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Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color 0.21oz
Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color 0.21ozBigen Permanent Powder Hair Color 0.21oz
Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color 0.21oz
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Product Description
Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color designed to elegantly color all gray or partially gray hair, enrich your natural hair color without lift. It contains no ammonia and requires no hydrogen peroxide.
* Gives beautiful, true-to-life, and longer-lasting color.
* Provides hair a smooth silky and shiny look.
* Easy to use - just mix the powder with plain water.
* Contains no ammonia. No heavy masking odor.
* Contains no metallic substances.

Assemble everything you need: the contents of the Bigen pack, plastic or glass bowl or cup and a non-metal stirrer, plastic or rubber gloves, cape or used towel, brush, cold cream.
Do not pre-shampoo your hair unless it is very oily or treated with metallic color such as hair color spray or henna compound or any other material that might interfere with Bigen coloring.
Cover the upper part of your body with the towel or cape.
Apply a thin coating of cold cream along the hairline to guard against any traces of tint around the hairline.
Pour Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color into the plastic or glass cup or bowl.
Add tap water at room temperature (DO NOT use hot water) in the following proportion to make a paste:
- 1 bottle Bigen Powder, 5 Bigen measuring cups of water (2 fl oz)
- 1/2bottle Bigen Powder, 2?Bigen measuring cups of water (1 fl oz)
- 1/4bottle Bigen Powder, 1 Bigen measuring cups of water (?fl oz)
Then quickly apply Bigen Hair Color mixture to the dry or towel dry hair
with a brush. If you are partially gray haired, start application where the hair is most gray, making sure every hair strand is thoroughly covered.
After application is complete, begin timing. It usually takes 20-30 minutes for the hair color to develop and cover gray. (DO NOT use dryer or cap.)
Your color results depend on your current color or hair conditions.
After 10 minutes, check your color by wiping a strand with cotton every few minutes until the desired color is achieved.
Failure to perform a strand test may result in darker shade than expected.
Now rinse Bigen thoroughly from the hair with warm water.
Then wash the hair with mild shampoo until the water runs completely clear and free of color.
Low pH conditioner is recommended for satisfactory results.