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Lustrasilk Straight Effects 6oz
Lustrasilk Straight Effects 6ozLustrasilk Straight Effects 6oz
Lustrasilk Straight Effects 6oz
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Product Description

  • Non-Chemical Straightening Process.

  • The instant solution for relaxed hair,

  • Lustrasilk Straight Effects is designed for hair that cannot withstand relaxing with caustic chemicals.

    1. Shampoo-rinse-towel dry.
    2. Spray on hair evenly. Comb through.
    3. Dry hair completely under dryer or blow dry.
    4. Style as desired using hot curling iron.

  • Do not use cream, grease or oil when using curling iron.

  • For daily maintenance use Moisture Max lotion or Moisture Max creme to replenish the natural oils and moisture your hair loses from daily styling.