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Nubian Silk X-Treme Sheen Spray 8oz
Nubian Silk X-Treme Sheen Spray 8oz
Nubian Silk X-Treme Sheen Spray 8oz
Item#: NUBXS5
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Product Description

X-treme Silk Sheen - The Finest Quality Glossifier Sheen on the market today, the difference is known immediately when you apply Nubian Silk's X-treme Silk Sheen, the stylist that use it swear by it. Finally a Silk Sheen which Softens, Moisturizes, Conditions and seals all hair types Black Hair, brown or blond you will not be dissapointed, Eliminates Frizz adds a perfect shine to your hair ! An Optimum Solution for African American Hair Care. Our Exclusive Exotic Herbal Enriched Formula is Great for Natural and Synthetic Hair. Silk Sheen is a Silicone base that wont weigh your hair down and prevents heavy build up, No oil stains on clothes and goes on dry so your hair is not attracting dirt and dust all day. Keeps wigs/extensions/braids and natural or synthetic hair looking fresh with that perfect shine. Say Good bye to Frizzy Hair and tangle problems. Sealant locks in moisture to protect against damage from hot irons or dryers. makes styling much more pleasant ...and remember it is a great sealer for nails too ...they let your nails look wet all day long but there dry to the touch. LET THEM SHINE!