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Deity of Hair Dandruff and Anti-Itch Plant Shampoo 8oz
Deity of Hair Dandruff and Anti-Itch Plant Shampoo 8oz
Deity of Hair Dandruff and Anti-Itch Plant Shampoo 8oz
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Product Description
Deity of Hair Dandruff and Anti-Itch Plant Shampoo rapidly penetrates into hypodermis and effectively nourishes the scalp and helps prevent dandruff and Itchy Scalp Naturally. This product is the only product that stops dandruff and itchy scalp by working into the root which causes these symptoms. These products were made by natural selected ingredients of Tibetan herbs and plant extracts. These secret Tibetan formulas from the high mountain plateaus of 3500 meters above sea level along with the Tibetan doctors theory's of 1300 years of history have proven results. These products were formulated scientifically by several doctors of traditional science along with super critical extracting technology. "Deity America" Dandruff and Anti-Itch plant shampoo eliminates the dandruff on the scalp and reduces the inflammation on the scalp naturally. Dandruff and scalp pruritus are the chronic and stubborn symptoms which troubled humans for a life time. These Tibetan plant extracts work on the bio-chemical state of the cuticle on the scalp while thoroughly eliminating the environment where the bacteria lives, getting rid of the dandruff and stops dry itchy scalp naturally! Indications: prevention and treatment for Pruritus/Dandruff and itchy scalp with natural plant extracts. The "Deity of Hair?" and "Deity America"? natural plant ingredients have been formulated with Ant-itch and Anti dandruff scientific technology with the finest top quality natural ingredients for the elimination of dandruff and dry itchy scalp. According to the various Hair and scalp experts who have researched the bio-chemical state of the scalp where the dandruff and Itchy Scalp problems Start These experts have developed and formulated this fabulous highly effective natural shampoo for you through super critical extracting technology and science. You will see fast results while maintaining a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth naturally. Results do vary by individual. These Natural Tibetan Plant secret formulas will have positive effects on these types of scalp and hair root problems.
  • Dandruff
  • Dry and itchy scalp.
  • Inflammation on the scalp
  • Pruitus
  • Excessive secretion of oils
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