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Ultra Glow Tea Tree Soap 3.5oz
Ultra Glow Tea Tree Soap 3.5oz
Ultra Glow Tea Tree Soap 3.5oz
Item#: ULT063
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Product Description
Ultra Glow Tea Tree Soap has a unique blend of extracts that work to condition the skin. Its antiseptic and anti-viral agents help to cure fungus and fight bacteria & acne. It helps to protect and heal minor skin ailments that can cause skin irritation. Tea Tree Oil, found in Ultra Glow Tea Tree Soap is an effective treatment for skin and disorders. Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic and antifungal agents that disinfect and protect the skin. It blends easily with the skin's natural oils and helps to alleviate acne, dry skin and itching. PRECAUTION It is recommended to test a small area of the inner arm before using a product that contains tea tree oil. Tea Tree products can irritate sensitive skin and may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Do not apply tea tree oil products around the area of the eyes.
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil
  • Contains Antiseptic & Anti-Viral agents
  • Protects and conditions the skin
  • Fights bacteria & acne
  • Renews skin softness and suppleness