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Andis Phat Master Clipper #01750
Andis Phat Master Clipper #01750
Andis Phat Master Clipper #01750
Item#: AN01750
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Product Description
Andis Phat Master Clipper #01750

  • Model: ML

  • Perfect for all-around styling and barbering

  • The Phat Master is the perfect companion to our Master and FadeMaster clippers. Where the Master and FadeMaster are perfect for shorter cuts and fading, the PhatMaster is designed to cut longer hair lengths up to a #2 blade

  • NEW Phat blade cuts higher up on the head and is perfect for blending

  • Powerful magnetic motor generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute

  • Exclusive, non-slip better-grip, textured finish

  • Provides smoother blending without jumps or steps that often occur when using attachment combs

  • Single lever adjusts clipper blades from #1A to #2

  • Removes the need for multiple blades