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Hot Tools Tourmaline Ceramic 5/8" Flat Iron #1162
Hot Tools Tourmaline Ceramic 5/8" Flat Iron #1162
Hot Tools Tourmaline Ceramic 5/8" Flat Iron #1162
Item#: HT1162
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Product Description

Pro-Moisture System with Tourmaline and Ceramic Nano Technologies does more than just style hair.
It enhances hydration and shine compared to normal thermal styling

Reacts to heat by becoming charged. It attracts impurifies to itself like a magnet and destroys odor like smoke, pollutants and perfumes.
When heated is a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat rays.

seals the hair cuticle, retains hair's natural moisture and destroys odors.
It produces far infrared heat that is kinder to hair. Styles hair without damage by heating it from the inside out.
Hair is shiny and healthy after use.

Provides excellent durability under high heats, lightweight strength, has excellent corrosion resistance and super hard, smooth surface for snag free styling and even heat distribution.

Professional Features:

  • Tourmaline and Ceramic with Titanium convert heat into penetrating far-infrared energy to hat the cortex inside without over-heating the cuticle outside

  • Creates glossy shine in any typeof hair and retains moisture

  • Patented Pulse Technology for Gets Hot.Stays Hot performance

  • Temperatures up to 430F

  • 170 watts for high speed heat up

  • Rheostat control with unlimited heat settings

  • Plates for straightening short hair or creating accent sections in curly styles

  • Ultra-slim, easy-to-hold design

  • Bonus! Heat-resistant Gem bag included. Great for storage or travel

  • 8-ft. cord

  • 1 year warranty
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