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Zadro Multi Scan Thermometer (THE01)
Zadro Multi Scan Thermometer (THE01)
Zadro Multi Scan Thermometer (THE01)
Item#: THE01
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Product Description
Multi Scan Non-Contact Thermometer

Look at this Amazing Device!

No need to wake the baby, you can measure accurately up to 1/4" away!

Optimal Temperature Reading at 1/4" Away from Surface. The Thermometer Stays Clean!

Measures the temperature of Objects too!

  • Baby Bottles
  • Formula
  • Bath Water
  • Hot Cereals/Oat Meal

Measures temperature range between 50???????F and 122???????F (10???????C and 50???????C)

  • Instant 0.1 Second Reading.
  • Non-Contact Infrared temperature measuring.
  • Measures up to 1/4??????? away.
  • Holds 10 readings for two users.
  • Water resistant tip.
  • Accurate & Hygienic.
  • FDA Approved.

Switch from Celcius & Fahrenheit by turning the thermometer ON, and
-press & hold the SCAN button
-while holding the SCAN button, press and hold the MEM button
-release the MEM button while still holding the SCAN button
-the measurement will be changed on the display
-release the scan button