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Kidz Gro by Duroshe NaturalsKidz Gro by Duroshe Naturals - hair care products
Kidz Gro by Duroshe Naturals has been specially designed for kids to address all their hair care needs. Kidz Grow total hair care systems protects and guards every strand of your princess hair. Duroshe Naturals is here to change and adjust the ways in which we treat our kid's hair. We at Duroshe Naturals have seen the need to take special care of our kid's hair by using Duroshe Natural Kidz Gro natural line of hair care products which prevents, protects and accelerates hair growth naturally.

Kidz Gro Nature's Essence Shampoo 12oz
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Kidz Gro Deep Replenishing Conditioner 15oz
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Kidz Gro Nature's Essence Scalp Treatment 4oz
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Kidz Gro Comb Thru Moisturizer 12oz
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