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True Braids RXTrue Braids RX - hair care products
True Braids RX is a complete medicated braid/twist/loc care system developed for customers who are in need of a hair care ritual that enhances, intensifies, defines and truly nourishes natural hair styles. True Braids RX is an ultra-healing and natural solution to the everyday concerns that can occur to braid/twist/loc-wearers. True Braids RX builds beautiful hair from the cuticle in with prescription strength beauty. The collection includes seven products that will naturally condition and care for hair and scalp. This intensive hydrating and medicated line is created with all-natural oils and botanicals to moisturize, repair and beautifully style all braid/twist/loc styles.

True Braids RX Medicated Foaming Cleanser 8oz
Regular: $8.59
Sale: $7.99
Out-of-stock !

True Braids RX Medicated In-Between Spray Shampoo 8oz
Regular: $8.59
Sale: $7.99

True Braids RX Medicated Leave-In Conditioner 8oz
Regular: $6.99
Sale: $6.49

True Braids RX Medicated 7 Wonder Hair & Scalp Oil 8oz
Regular: $8.59
Sale: $7.99

True Braids RX Medicated Glam Gloss Spray 8oz
Regular: $15.39
Sale: $14.39

True Braids RX Medicated Braids Gel 4oz
Regular: $3.99
Sale: $3.79
Out-of-stock !

True Braids RX Natural Wax 4oz
Out-of-stock !

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